Hokkaido Garden Path Ticket

Sell ​​convenient and affordable tickets that you can use 8 facilities from among 4 facilities

We sell great tickets available for garden tour.
Tickets are sold at the window of each garden during the period.

Hokkaido Garden Path Ticket
Ticket use period: Saturday, May XNUMX, XNUMX - Monday, October XNUMX
2,200 yen (tax included) per person
You can enter your favorite 4 gardens from among the 8 gardens on the Hokkaido Garden Highway.

Valid for one season of ticket use period.
It can not be used more than once in the same garden.

For each ticket purchase, one bag of "10th Anniversary Wildflower 's seed" is given! ※ Customers of tour using Hokkaido Garden Road ticket are also eligible!

Present a bag of Wild Flower Mix and receive discounts and gifts at each facility!
For details, please see the following.
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Tokachi sightseeing information TEL: 0155-23-6403
Furano Tourism Association TEL: 0167-23-3388
Asahikawa Tourist Information Center TEL: 0166-26-6665

We also sell tickets at each garden facility.

Hokkaido Garden Highway Ticket Contact Information