Recommended spots in each area

Asahikawa district

Until hill

Until hill

It is a view point located on the southeastern side of Asahikawa Airport with a small hill located in the southern tip of Asahikawa city in the Nishi Kagura area.

The charm of this place is the location where you can see all of Tomurashi, the Tokachidake mountains and the heavy snowy mountain ranges that follow from Asuka mountains as the main peak.
TEL / 0166-23-0090
(Asahikawa Tourism and Convention Association)

Furano region

Location location from the North

Mr. Akira Kuramoto The protagonist of TV drama "Kita no Kokoro" from the screenwriter · House of stones that Kurokote Goro stacked up the stone that came out of the field. The interior of the house can stay in the drama and enter inside.

Period / late April to late November
Time / 9: 30 to 18: 00 (or until sunset)
Fixed holiday / Open all seasons
Parking lot / 100 units
Admission fee / 500 yen (Elementary school students and under are free)
Location / Furano City Higashi Hiroshi
TEL / 0167-23-3388 (Furano Tourist Association)

Until hill

Tokachi district

Mall hot spring

Until hill

An ancient plant emerges from the deposited lignite layer, a very rare vegetable hot spring in the world. Designated as a Hokkaido heritage, it is popular as a beautiful hot water where the skin becomes slippery.

Tokachigawa Onsen Tourist Association
TEL / 0155-32-6633