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8施設の中から4施設をご利用いただける便利でお得なチケット 北海道ガーデン街道チケット チケット利用期間2019年5月18日〜10月14日(祝・月) チケットご購入1枚につき「10周年記念ワイルドフラワーの種」を一袋プレ …

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Announcement of the result of "8 Garden treasure hunt" 2018 of the Hokkaido Garden Highway

We received the following application for '2019 Garden Treasure Hunt' from September 1st to October 1 4th 8 4th. Total number of entries 155 name Correct number of people 101 name This year, although the number of visitors decreased sharply due to the influence of the earthquake occurred on September 6, such a ...

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10 Monday 14 day ended the operation of 2018 year.

October 1 4 days ended the operation of 2018 year. Next year will be the anniversary of the 10 anniversary of the Hokkaido Garden Highway. We have various benefits etc, so please come and join us next year. The next business term is as follows. 2 ...

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From the 9 month 8 day, no 8 two gardens became regular business without the damage of the earthquake.

Although it is the influence of the earthquake occurred in Hokkaido on September 6, there was no garden directly damaged by the earthquake. Although there was the impact of power outage, as of September 8, all 8 gardens became regular business. We wait for everyone's coming ...

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Garden Autumn Festa September 1 - October 14 held!

Garden Autumn Festa of Hokkaido Garden Highway was held from September 1, 2018 to October 14. The Autumn Hokkaido Garden Highway is full of ingenuity to enjoy the fruitful autumn! We challenge everyone to "8 Garden Treasure Hunt" where gorgeous prizes are hit ...

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Phantom flower "Blue poppy of Himalayas" 'Mekonopsis' has flowered!

In the garden of the heavy snow forest of Kamikawa-cho, Hokkaido, the meikonopsis is currently blooming. Mekonopsis is a flower blooming in a highland such as central Asia, so it is called "phantom flower" because it is blooming mainly in highland Himalaya, so-called "secret borders". The temperature is ...

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