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Hokkaido Garden Highway Garden Photo Contest 2020 Winning Works Announcement

The number of photo contest entries submitted during the period from June to the end of August XNUMX was XNUMX.As a result of strict examination, XNUMX point for the highest award and XNUMX points for the award for excellence have been decided.The winning works will be posted below.Winners ...

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Garden Treasure Hunt Held from September XNUMXst to October XNUMXth!

From September XNUMXst to October XNUMXth, XNUMX, we will hold a garden treasure hunt on the Hokkaido Garden Road. You will win a gorgeous prize by lottery, so please try it out. ● Let's find the treasure of Hokkaido Garden Highway! To get the treasure ...

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Daisetsu Forest Garden-shuttle bus is in operation

A free round-trip shuttle bus from "Mori no Terrace Bus Touch" to "Daisetsu Morino Garden" next to JR Kamikawa Station is available daily. As for the service in 2020, on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, it will be XNUMX round trips a day with scheduled departure as shown in the following timetable. Regarding weekdays, please kindly inform us in advance...

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Wind Garden opens on July 7st! We will also start selling advantageous tickets for 1 facilities.

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the wind garden, which had been postponed to open this year, will open from July 7st. Now you have all 1 gardens on the Hokkaido Garden Road. In line with this, sales were postponed "Hokkaido Gar...

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We will start selling and using the Hokkaido Garden Road Ticket <4 facilities> from June 6st.

Thank you for waiting. The Hokkaido emergency declaration has been lifted, and the Daisetsu Mori Garden will officially open from June 6st. Only the wind garden is scheduled to open on July 1, but with the opening of 7 out of 1 gardens, ...

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The business start date of Rokka no Mori has been decided.

We would like to inform you that the business start date of Rokka no Mori has been decided with the cancellation of the holiday request. See the list below. In addition, the start of sales of Hokkaido Garden Road tickets is undecided at this point because it may encourage movement between wide areas. Open ...

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