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Winners announced for the Hokkaido Garden Road "XNUMXth Anniversary Stamp Rally"

The following applications were received for the "XNUMXth Anniversary Stamp Rally" held from May XNUMX to October XNUMX, XNUMX. Total number of applications: XNUMX A strict lottery was held on December XNUMX, and the following people were selected. A prize AIRDO round-trip ticket…

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Results of “8 Garden Treasure Hunt” 2019 on the Hokkaido Garden Route

We received the following application for “8 Garden Treasure Hunt” held from September 1, 2019 to October 4, 1. Total number of applications 267 people Number of correct answers 167 people On October 29th, a strict lottery was held, and the following people were selected. • 20 winners North…

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Hokkaido Garden Highway 10th Anniversary Garden Photo Contest

There were 579 photo contests submitted during the period from June 2019 to the end of August. As a result of rigorous screening, one award and 23 award were selected. The winning works will be listed below. The winners…

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Garden Autumn Festa September 1 - October 14 held!

From September 1st to October 14th, 2019, the Garden Autumn Festival on the Hokkaido Garden Highway will be held. The Hokkaido Garden Road in autumn is full of ingenuity so that you can enjoy the fruitful autumn! Everyone must try the “8 Garden Treasure Hunt”, where you can win gorgeous prizes…

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Daisen Forest Garden-Free Shuttle Bus Running Daily

In the large snow forest garden of Kamikawa-cho located in the northernmost part of the Hokkaido Garden Highway, from "X Terrace terraces touch of Kamikawa forest" next to JR Kamikawa station from "XNUM X Moon XNUM X day to X X Moon X month X Num day Free shuttle bus to "6 day 1 round trip, is operating every day. ...

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[Apology] There was an error on the hashtag for applying for the Garden Photo Contest.

It turned out that there is a mistake in the contents of the Garden Photo Contest described in the official brochure 5 page of Hokkaido Garden Highway. There is an error in the hashtag required for posting in Instagram etc. A sentence that can not be used because of our lack of knowledge ...

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