Take a JCB and go around "Hokkaido Garden Road"! Campaign 2013 year 7 month 1 day (Monday) to 9 month 30 day (Monday)

It is nice information for those with JCB cards.
Let's visit the "Hokkaido Garden Highway" with JCB for 2013 months from 1 July (Monday) to 30 September (Monday) of 3! Campaign is being done.

During the term, JCB cards registered for participation in the campaign will be presented to JCB affiliated stores on the "Hokkaido Garden Highway" special issue on 5,000 yen (tax included) or more and will be presented in lottery for 30 name Hokkaido Garden Road Official Hotel lodging ticket .

Furthermore, if you use JCB card over 1 ten thousand yen (tax included) in the opportunity-up target area, the winning probability becomes 2 times!

Areas subject to opportunity upgrades: Asahikawa City, Obihiro City, Furano City, Biei-cho, Shintoku-cho, Makibetsu-cho, Shimizu-cho, Nakajinai Village

See below for details.

For JCB Promotion Fund stores of "Hokkaido Garden Highway", please see the following.