Hotels with forest and garden

Introducing a hotel with a forest and a garden along the Hokkaido Garden Road.

City sleeping hotel which raises tension of travel, can not end just by sleeping

Hoshino Resort OMO7 Asahikawa

It is a hotel full of services and gimmicks that makes staying in Asahikawa even more enjoyable.
Attractive seasonal information unique to the locals experienced by the staff is transmitted on the neighborhood map installed in the lobby. The next morning after enjoying the city, enjoy a breakfast buffet featuring freshly baked waffles.

Ueno Farm Gardener Supervised by Ueno Sand Yuki's garden lunch is a colorful chef lunch that studies "Hokkaido-likeness" everywhere.

Asahikawa-shi 6 Taxi 9-chome
Map code 793 741 23 67 *

Asahikawa Grand Hotel

Hoshino Resort OMO7 Asahikawa Garden LunchHoshino Resort OMO7 Asahikawa Garden Lunch

Ueno Farm Gardenia Ueno It is a colorful chef lunch that studied "Hokkaido - likeness" everywhere, supervised by Yuki Ueno.

Supervised by Yuki Uenogi

● Price / 4,000 yen (including tax and service charge)
● Reservation / Group: Reservation required 10 days in advance (XNUMX people or more)

Sengoku garden, Sounkyo ginkgo nestled in Daisetsuzan

Sounkyo Hot Spring Hotel Taisetsu

Mt. Taisetsu mountain peak called Kamui Mintara "Gods playing the gods". The mountains around Sounkyo Gorge are a "sky garden" where many alpine plants bloom in early summer.

Scenery cliffs and original forest weave, clear air gently wrap you in nature. Hotel Ohtsuki is the tallest building and you can feel the nature nearby from the large public baths with different taste of 3 places.

Kamikawa-cho Sounkyo Gorge

Sounkyo Hot Spring Hotel Taisetsu

Birth of new restaurant "Le Golova Furano"

New Furano Prince Hotel

A resort hotel surrounded by beautiful forests and majestic mountains. You can enjoy a variety of activities at the facilities scattered on the vast grounds, and the extensive hot springs and relaxation will gently heal your body and mind.

The newly created restaurant "Le Golova Furano" (reservation required) allows you to slowly enjoy a menu using seasonal Hokkaido ingredients.

【Garden room plan from here】

Furano city middle fee
Map code 919 553 451 65 *

New Furano Prince Hotel

Furano Garden Lunch Furano Garden Lunch

Enjoy Japanese and Western cuisine eclectic hotel lunch with richly finished richly finished seafood and seasonal vegetables including local ingredients "Kamifuranoka pork".

● Price / ¥ 3,500 (including tax and service charge) ● Time / 11: 30 am-1: 30pm
● Reservation / Individual: Reservation by XNUMX:XNUMX pm the day before. Group: Reservation required at least XNUMX days before use.

Places where you can experience the original landscape of Hokkaido

Sahoro Resort Hotel

A resort hotel surrounded by woods and wrapped in the warmth of wood.
"Hanamori Bear Cafe Restaurant" where you can taste the special cuisine and sweets, mainly of Hokkaido ingredients including Tokachi. It is the real pleasure of Tokachi Sahoro Resort's trip that you can taste the original landscape of Hokkaido where many people can imagine, such as 'Bear Mountain' where you can meet the elephant brown bear representing Hokkaido.

【Garden room plan from here】

Shintoku-cho Hakuto Kogen
Map code 608 892 719 86 *

Sahoro Resort Hotel

Sahoro Garden Ranch Sahoro Garden Ranch

We will deliver a course menu that uses abundant ingredients such as Tokachi, including Tokachi beef, seasonal vegetables and Hotel Maid Pan. After eating you can choose coffee or tea.

● Price / XNUMX yen (tax included)
● Reservation / Individual: previous day 16: booked by 00 (from 2 name)

Relaxing space pursuing "Hokkaido-likeness"

Spa Resort in the Forest Hokkaido Hotel

Brick city resort hotel built in a corner of the city. Rooms offering a magnificent view of the Hidaka mountain range and the lush courtyard, various rooms with different taste such as a terrace and a hot spring outdoor bath are prepared.

A mall hot spring containing a lot of vegetable organic ingredients that springs from the source in the site, and a courtyard that occasionally shows cute ezolith and wild birds. Please enjoy the resort feeling slowly while staying in the city.

Obihiro west 7 Jinan 19 chome 1 street
Map code 124 564 812 41 *

Spa Resort in the Forest Hokkaido Hotel

Hokkaido Hotel Garden Lunch Hokkaido Hotel Garden Lunch

Vibrant lunch with tasteful ingredients of the earthly graceful ingredients, including appetizers that imagined the vast vegetable fields of Tokachi, prepared for course dishes. The hotel maid bread of Tokachi wheat 100% is also attractive.

● Price / 11 yen (tax included) ● Time / 30: 2 am-XNUMX: XNUMXpm
● Reservation / individual is permitted on the day · Group: 10 name or more must be reserved 5 days in advance

Hokkaido heritage that moisturizes the heart and skin "Mall hot spring"

Tokachigawa Onsen Dai-Ichi Hotel Hoshu-tei/Toyo-tei

The spa suite Toyosujitei with outdoor bath in all rooms, and 2 hall of casual soyoyotei in Japanese modern style, it is a magnificent scenery where you can see the mountain ranges of the Tokachikawa and Hidaka mountain ranges that flow calmly.

Worldwide rare botanical 【Mall hot spring】 contains abundant moisturizing ingredients, reputed to make the skin of the hot water slippery 【beautiful hot water】. Please enjoy relaxing mall hot springs with two different outdoor baths of two kinds of outdoor baths and garden outdoor baths.

Otofuke-cho Tokachi ri Onsen South 12
Map code 369 636 572 72 *

Tokachigawa Onsen Dai-Ichi Hotel Hoshu-tei/Toyo-tei