Taste the Garden Path

Taste the Hokkaido Garden Highway
Furano Prince Hotel Garden Lunch
Furano Garden Lunch

Enjoy Japanese and Western cuisine eclectic hotel lunch with richly finished richly finished seafood and seasonal vegetables including local ingredients "Kamifuranoka pork".
● Price / XNUMX yen (tax and service included)
● Hours / Morning 11 hours 30 minutes ~ Afternoon 1 hours 30 minutes
● Reservation / Individual: Reservation by XNUMX:XNUMX pm the day before. Group: Reservation required at least XNUMX days before use.

Mori no Spa Resort Hokkaido Hotel Garden Lunch
Mori no Spa Resort Hokkaido Hotel Garden Lunch

Lunch set with course meal using fresh vegetables and seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido. You can enjoy the dish content on a monthly basis. Also proud of Tokachi produced wheat 100% hotel special bread.
● Price / 11 yen (tax included) ● Time / 30: 2 am-XNUMX: XNUMXpm
● Reservation / individual is permitted on the day · Group: 10 name or more must be reserved 5 days in advance

Exquisite article! Delicious local sake

A longing garden wedding

Speaking of Asahikawa city sake. Both Cotton Store Otoyama Honten "Mt. Oyama", Takasago Brewery "Honorable Musou" and Asahikawa Echo Sake Brewery "Ogunoko Kura" are rich in individuality, and the compatibility with Hokkaido's ingredients is the best. The inland of Hokkaido where the difference of coldness is intense is suitable for the cultivation of grapes, there are "Furano wine" of Furano city and "Tokachi wine" of Tokachi Ikeda-cho.

Asahi River "snow ground beer", Tokachi "Tokachi beer" two breweries make a variety of beers that make use of the characteristics of the area. Delicious local wine for delicious food! !

Handmade safe and safe natural cheese

Handmade safe and safe natural cheese

A garden highway dotted with many cheese workshops. It is packed plenty of charm of the dairy kingdom Hokkaido.

Both cheeses are delicious, full of finesse. You can meet "Natural cheese" which won numerous awards in the world and Japanese domestic contest.

Impression to deliciousness Sweetness tour

Impression to deliciousness Sweetness tour

Along the highway is the mountain of sweets of sweets. The secret of taste is the goodness of the material. Fresh milk, fine sugar, red diamond bean, etc. are all harvested on a fertile ground along the highway.

There are many famous shops where you can have a queue at the popular "Hokkaido Bussan Exhibition" to be held in Honshu.

new discovery! Gourmet on the highway

Handmade safe and safe natural cheese

Various from locally loved dishes to new gourmet.

Asahikawa Soy Sauce Ramen, Salt Hormone, Biei Curry Udon, Furano Omo Curry, Minami Furano Nanpu Ezo Katsukare, Toukishimizu Beef Trout Bowl, Tokachi Shimbun Corn Fried Rice, Tokachi Hibiro Edami Bean Salad Noodle, Obihiro Pork Bowl, Have a taste.