Rokka-no Mori

Rokka-no Mori

It is a mountain grass forest drawn on the wrapping paper of Rokkatei

Mountain painter Naoyuki Sakamoto drew Rokkatei's wrapping paper on Hokkaido wildflowers. It blooms in the garden every season. Among them, six kinds of flowers called Tokachi Rokka are representative.

Beginning in early spring, we will add a variety of colors to Ezorindo that blooms in autumn. The art which appreciates in the gallery where Croatian old houses were relocated is also impressive.

Friday, April XNUMXFrom Thursday, May XNUMXstOctober XNUMX (Sun)October XNUMX (Sun)
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(There are places where some can not run)

Children's magazine Silo Memorial Hall
Sakamoto Naoge Memorial Hall is on the Sanno River running through the park, and you can enjoy the works of Araka in a relaxed atmosphere.

Flower calendar

May - June
  • Katakuri
  • Ezo Ryukyuka
  • Ooba nano enlivis
  • Shiraneeaoi
July - August
  • Hermanashi
  • Ezokanzou
  • Ezo hydrangea
  • Ezosukasyuri
  • Ezokigayase
September - October
  • Hermanashi
  • Ezorin pond
  • Yabukanzou
  • Affiliation



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