Shichiku Garden

Manabe Garden

A happy garden of purple bamboo

I would like to be playing with flowers all day. Such a feeling of a single woman became a flower garden of 18,000 tsubo. Every time I walk, I discover new things. Approximately 2,500 species of flowers change facial expressions every season and welcome your visit.

The beginning of time to love flowers, invited by flowers, to talk with flowers. Well, what size would you like to walk from?

April XNUMXth (Sat) -November XNUMXrd (Fri)
8: 00 ~ 18: 00
■ Fixed holiday
No holiday during the term
■Parking lot
Passenger car 50 units
Adult 1.000 yen, elementary and junior high school students 200 yen, toddler free
Obihiro City Minee-cho West 4 Line 107 Street
Map code124 040 169 74 *
■ HP
■ Pet
Pets allowed (Building inside is not allowed)
■ Wheelchair
Wheelchair accessible, wheelchair not available
(There are places where some can not run)

Flower Sakao Grandma
Together with purple bamboo grandma "I am sorry". Popular breakfast came to be available for individuals as well. (Reservation required)

Flower calendar

May - June
  • Crocus
  • Citrus fruit
  • Christmas rose
  • Tulip
  • Daffodil
July - August
  • Peony root
  • Delphinum
  • Hemelocalis
  • Lupine
  • Cosmos
  • Fire work
September - October
  • Talactrum
  • Minazuki
  • Annabel
  • Dahlia
  • Marou
  • Shiki Iku


Hokkaido Garden Highway XNUMX Garden Flower Calendar

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