We will hold a symposium on Hokkaido Garden Highway at Ueno Farm on 7 Monday 23 Day!

July 2 We will hold a symposium on the Hokkaido Garden Highway at Ueno Farm on March 3!

The details are as follows. Since application is necessary, please apply by fax as soon as possible!

2 times Hokkaido Garden Highway Symposium
~ Hope of the hope from the garden in Hokkaido, people will smile in the area smile flowers! ~

【Date and time】 July 2 Thursday (Saturday)
● Symposium / 15: 00 ~ 16: 30
● Reunion / 18: 00 ~ 19: 30

● Symposium / Ueno Farm NAYAcafé (Symposium Free)
● Banquet / Asahikawa Grand Hotel (Party fee for socializing 4,500 Yen ◎ food and drink at the standing party)
        Asahikawa City 6 Jodori 9-chome TEL: 0166-24-2111

【Number of People】 ● Symposium / 70 Name ● Banquet / 50 Name

● Part 1 "The flowers connect, the way to dreams" 【lecturer】 Mr. Atsushi Shikitake
I would like to talk about Mr. Akiyoshi Murasaki's opportunity to start making grand gardens and the fact that the garden brought us. It is a story that makes Hokkaido healthier through flowers.

● Part 2 Hokkaido Garden Highway Gardener's Talk 【Participating Gardeners】 Purple Bamboo Garden Mr. Akiha Momokake Ueno Farm Ueno Sand Yuki
It is time to talk with gardener happily and talk about questions and participants' gardening.

Please write "Hokkaido Garden Highway Symposium Participation", fill in your name, contact information (address, telephone number), participation in social gathering and send it to Ueno Farm by FAX.

Ueno Farm 〒079-8431 Hokkaido Asahikawa-shi Nagayamacho 16 ___ 186 ___ ___ 0
TEL: 0166-47-8741 FAX: 0166-47-8731

Organized / Hokkaido Garden Highway Council
Supported by / East Japan Highway Corporation, Hokkaido Development Department Asahikawa Development and Construction Department, Hokkaido Kamikawa Comprehensive Promotion Bureau, Asahikawa City, Nihon Keizai Shimbun Asahikawa Branch, Hokkaido Shimbun Asahikawa Branch, Asahikawa Shimbun, Liner Network Co., Ltd. FM Rivets To