It will start on 27th April! Ueno Farm Open Information

Ueno Farm where spring came lazily more than usual.
The plants waiting in the deep snow are awake one after another.
Although flowering is late than usual, please come and meet the small plants just awakened. 
A light blue carpet of Ezoengosaku spreading at the foot of a shooting mountain is a fantastic scenery that can only be seen in spring.
(Ezoengoshaku is forecast of flowering in early May)

OPEN on April 27th at 10:00 am

2012 Garden release period

Friday, April 27 -October 8 (Sun)

Regular holiday Every Monday (in case of the month of a holiday, it is closed without break)

Flowering is delayed due to the effect of snow melting

★ The garden is open to the public between Friday, April 27th and Sunday, May 6th

★ April 2 7 days First arrival 200 name Fun seedling present

Enjoy what you get!

★ Miscellaneous goods space also expanded and opened

A lot of goods that are perfect for flower seedlings and Mother's Day arrived!

★ April 2 7th (Friday) to 30th (Monday)

Spring run ♪ Lottery

Purchase amount2000One opportunity for each yen!
 Asahikawa Grand Hotel's garden highway lunch ticket and original goods etc. suffer!

★ April 2 8th (Sat) 11: 00 ~ 11: 45

Spring Congratulatory Spring Concert

Place in front of Nayakafee (in the cafe at rainy weather)
Performance Kickcorries

 2004Formed in the year. Musical saw (music saw) · ukulele · vocaletc ... Kapou,
Yasushi Ikeda of guitar / chorus, Yuji Suzuki of violin · guitar3The people Peaceful sound playing.
Tone of floating saw,4Rainbow color over octave Voice, heartwarming guitar,
Glamorous violin.... Original music From songs to standard numbers, a wide range of generations
With music that echoes in your heart and makes you smile . We are performing not only in Sapporo but also in various places.
★ Naya Cafe Gallery Information

April 27 (Fri) - May 6 (Sun) 10: 00 ~ 17: 00

Bonne Journee Bonne · Journais ~ A wonderful day ~

Hosted Alice in the Kitchen
There are nice handmade works exhibition and sale.
Naya Cafe Gallery

May 8 (Tue) - May 27 (Sun) 10: 00 ~ 17: 00

Michi Sakurai Embroidery Exhibition

   Naya Cafe Gallery
87Exhibition of a wonderful cross stitch which Sakurai-san who is old has been running for many years

★ 4 times exciting photo contest

A photo contest that adults and children can feel free to participate from all over the country.
We will exhibit memories taken at Ueno Farm this year at the gallery in fall.
There are gifts for all applicants, for details go to Ueno Farm


★ happy talk of Ueno Farm's annual passport

Annual passport is10Month9From day NAYAcaféAs long as you dine in,
Beverage1You can use it as many times as a cup free service ticket!

Garden flowering information

It seems to be seen during GW periodSmall flowers in spring (it changes depending on the weather)
Snowdrop, mini iris, thiondoxa, psuquinia, daffodil, eroda gossak, plumonaria etc..

Every day it gets warmer and the springy scenery is just around the corner.