In the 2012 year, the number of group tours over all 7 gardens has increased rapidly, and the total number of visitors to 7 facilities using common tickets has greatly increased to 159.2% compared to the previous year.

Asahikawa ~ Furano ~ Tokiname's 7 Garden (Ueno Farm, Wind Garden, Tokachi Millennial Forest, Manabe Garden, Ten
Wins Hills, Purple Bamboo Garden, Rokka no Mori) and 6 two hotels (Asahikawa Grand Hotel, La Vista Daisetsuyama, Shin Furano
Prince Hotel, Sahoro Resort Hotel, Hokkaido Hotel, Tokachigawa Onsen Daiichi Hotel Toyosukei / Soyo Tei)
"Hokkaido Garden Highway" aimed at promoting tourism in Hokkaido in cooperation, ends on this October 8th October
did. The fact that this year's recognition has increased in the 3 year and the events of the Hokkaido Garden Show in Tokachi Millennium Woods
, So that the total number of 2 gardens using common tickets of the Hokkaido Garden Highway (the above 7 types)
The number of occupants increased significantly with 84,151 people (159.2% compared with the previous year). 7 Paid total number of visitors to the whole garden (April -
October), about 55 million people (126.4% compared to the previous year) grew. (The implementation period of this year will be from April 28 to October 8
Until the day)
■ 7 garden surging all group tours all over
As in last year, the proportion of group tour customers increased more than individual customers (176.3% compared to the previous year) continues to be large
. Especially, although it was hardly seen until last year, this year, group tours all around the 7 garden suddenly increased
Both of them seem to have contributed greatly to the increase in the total number of visitors.
■ The theme of 2013 year is "Rose"
For each garden, increase the roses and increase the information of roses, with the theme of roses
We propose new proposal and attractions of new way of enjoying around the garden highway. Limited time Rose
Events such as Pacific Week and Garden Autumn Festa are also planned. Next year's implementation period is April 2013
2 7 (Sat) - October 6 (Sun). 7 Garden Includes affordable common tickets (4 yen) that can enter 1800 facilities.

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