2011 year Ueno Farm open information!

Ueno Farm OPENGARDEN Information

April 28 (Thu) 10: 00 OPEN

(It is closed on Monday but May 2 will be closed without break!)

  Long winter finishes finally, warm spring sunlight gives plants energy of life.

 There are still few flowers at the time of opening, but ...

On the back lining of Ueno Farm you can see a group of flowers and spring flowers that can only be seen at this time.

 Please come and see the vibrant spring flowers.You can get a lot of energy!


 ☆ Opening first day First-come, first-served 200 people Fun seedling present!

☆ Weekly Lottery 3 Days from April 2 9th (Friday) to May 1st (Sunday)

Once you purchase at Ueno Farm one opportunity to 2000 yen!

Luxury! Asahikawa Grand Hotel Hokkaido Garden Highway Launch Voucher (pair 10 pairs) and

Ueno farm goods will be presented by lottery! 


 ● April 26 (Tue) - May 8 (Sun)

 "Pressed Flower Exhibition in Herb Field in Ueno Farm Vol.2"

 This is a pressed flower exhibition that was very popular last year.You can discover the different charms of plants.

 Place NAYA café gallery sponsored pressed flower salon azure


● May 7th (Saturday) Pressed flower experience session

 Let's make only one pressed flower soap in the world!Also as a gift for Mother's Day.

 Lecturer Tomomi Kiyono (Instructor of Mysterious Flower Club) 

 Participation teaching material fee XNUMX yen per person (additional XNUMX yen per person)

 Time ①XNUMX: XNUMX ~ ②XNUMX: XNUMX ~ (Time required about XNUMX hour)

* Please reserve in advance to Ueno Farm TEL0166-47-8741



● May 10 (Tue) - May 22 (Sun)

 Yasuko Suda Solo Exhibition "Chasing Dreams / Spring"

It is a work exhibition of delicate and beautiful Botanical Art. It is drawn into the plant world.

Naya Cafe Gallery


 ● XNUMXrd Wakuwaku Photo Contest 2011

Every year in the Ueno Farm a very popular photo contest, we will display the memories photographed this year at the gallery in autumn.

Have a mini gift for all of the applicants, HAPPY moments everyone took in the garden of Ueno Farm

Please apply. For details, please contact the staff.


● Glad talk of a considerably profitable annual passport

Annual passport of Ueno Farm (600 yen) is from NAYAcafé from October 11th after the garden closure

For meals only one drink can be used as a free service ticket any number of times!



● When you come to Asahikawa Ueno Farm! Let's eat Hokkaido Garden Highway lunch!

The closest Garden Street Official Hotel from Ueno Farm

At Asahikawa Grand Hotel, as if the garden of Ueno Farm appeared on the plate

Ueno Farm supervised Hokkaido garden highway lunch "Ueno Farm Garden Plate" 2800 yen

We will start from April 29!

Please enjoy "Hokkaido Garden Highway Lunch" where each hotel's chef spends his arms!


The photo is Asahikawa Grand Hotel. ↑

To everyone who was affected by the Tohoku Great Kanto Earthquake, we wish to express our heartfelt condolences to all the families and relatives in the disaster area.

We also set up donation boxes at windows in Garden Road facilities, Ueno Farm, everyone's cooperation, please.