Ueno Farm Garden Open Information in 2013!

This year's Ueno Farm 's Garden Open

Open on Saturday, April 27th at 10:00  is! !

The garden opening period of 2013 is from April 27 (Sat) to October 6 (Sun). (Closed holiday / Monday, the festival open to the garden is closed without break)

From Saturday, April 27th until May 6th (Monday), the garden is open for free.

It is still Hokkaido where snow still remains, but preparations have begun steadily in the house.

Though it is thought that the thaw is delayed and the flowering is delayed again this year, the scenery which the light blue color and light purple "Ezoengosaku" blooming at the foot of the shooting mountain in early May every year is very fantastic and the arrival of spring in Hokkaido I feel it.

Please come and see the beautiful spring flowers blooming only this time.

(The picture is a shooting mountain in early May of last year)

April 27 (Saturday) First arrival 200 people Enjoy seedling present!

☆ Miscellaneous goods shop renewal expanded opening! ☆

New corner which collects beautiful rose miscellaneous goods is also established ♡

Lovely garden goods are rapidly in stock!



"Exhibition of pressed flowers of herbal fields in Ueno Farm flight.3 "

From April 23 (Tue) until May 19 (Sun)

We are holding a solo exhibition by Professor Tomomi Kiyono at the NAYA café gallery.

Please come and see the world of beautiful pressed flowers. There is also sale of pressed flower accessories.

☆ "Pressured Flower Experience Meeting" ☆

April 28 (Sunday) and May 5 (Sunday) 13: 00 ~ (Approximate time approximately 1 hour)
You can make a frame to watch cute pressed flowers that will also be a gift for Mother's Day.

Participation fee: XNUMX yen per person (Please make a reservation in advance to Ueno Farm. ☎XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX)


"Spring run ranking ♬ Lottery "from Saturday, April 27 to Monday, 29th

One chance for every XNUMX yen purchased at Ueno Farm Park!

Luxurious "Asahikawa Grand Hotel · Hokkaido Garden Ranch tickets" and garden miscellaneous goods etc. are coming!

Furthermore, the latest Ueno Farm information isUeno Farm Official "Facebook"Check the page!