Notification of change in business contents of each garden due to the declaration of emergency and postponement of ticket sales for the Hokkaido Garden Road

Due to the emergency declaration, the business contents of each garden will be changed.

All gardens will be closed at least until May 5th.
The wind garden and the Rokka no Mori are closed even longer. See the table below for details.

Due to the business change of each garden, we will postpone the start of sales of Hokkaido Garden Road ticket from the original April 4th.
At this time, we are planning to start selling the Hokkaido Garden Road Ticket <for 4 facilities> from May 5.
However, depending on the situation up to May 5, we may decide to postpone it further in order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
Please check the website for the latest information.
The start date of the Hokkaido Garden Road Ticket <8 facilities use> is undecided.
We will start selling when all 8 gardens have resumed business.

We will make an effort not to spread the infection so that this situation will end as soon as possible and everyone can enjoy the garden tour.

Thank you very much.