Hokkaido Garden Highway Selling original stamps



We recently created a post office Hokkaido branch

The original frame stamp of the Hokkaido Garden Highway will be sold.

This original frame stamp is in Hokkaido Garden Highway about 200km from Asahikawa to Tokachi
7 It is the theme of the landscape such as garden and Taisetsuzan mountains.

Since we are selling at post offices near Hokkaido Garden Highway (excluding simple post offices)

Please purchase for your hands by all means.


       << Outline of frame stamps >>

       Sales location  Suburbs of Hokkaido Garden Highway (Obihiro City, Asahikawa City, Nakafurano Town, etc.) or

                Post office in Sapporo city

       Seat composition 80 yen stamp x 10

       Sales price  1,200 Yen

For details about the sales post officeherePlease see.


◎ This frame stamp is not handled in each garden.