Ueno Farm 2016 Open year information

April 23 (Sat) 10: 00 ~

Ueno Farm Garden Opening in 2016! !

"The garden of Nome" opens the ground! !

A new concept area will be born in Ueno Farm. 
Flowers and flowering plants and glasses (herbaceous species) Beautiful wild plants and trees of Hokkaido create
Hokkaido type naturalistic garden (natural wind garden).
You can enjoy more than 300 varieties of plants. New plants also joined,
The plants which grew even more than last year color the garden every season.
Please come and see the new garden style of Ueno Farm.

Ueno Farm Nome garden late June

(Nom's garden in late June)

◎ A gnome is a little fairy that has been popular in Europe for a long time.
Garden Nome is also considered to be a girl who works in the garden at midnight to clean up the garden or to protect the house.
I can hardly meet Japan-Nome.

Screenshot 2016-04-06 18.01.57

This year we have a secret walking path leading from the summit of shooting mountains to the garden of Nome.
A peaceful rural landscape seen from shooting mountains
After seeing, please also explore this walking trail.

■■■■■■■■ Open event introduction ■■■■■■■###

April 23 (Saturday) Fun seedling present

Fun seedlings

As an opening memorialFirst 200 peopleGift a year for grass seedlings
I'm looking forward to seeing what ♪


April 23 (Saturday) - 25 (Mon)

Spring run ♪ Lottery!

Garden lunch S

One chance every purchase price of 2,000 yen (tax included)!
Luxurious Asahikawa Grand Hotel Ranch tickets and nice miscellaneous goods will win.


April 24 (Sunday) · May 3 (Fireworks) 11:00 each day 

Garden walk ♪

Screenshot 2016-04-06 16.43.34

Guide the spring garden of Ueno Farm at Ueno Sand Yuki Guide enjoyable. (About 40 minutes)
◎ Join for free, only entrance fee will be charged separately. (Reservation not required)
Please admission first and please gather near the west entrance.


May 5 th (Thu)
Children's sake ♪ ♪ ♪

Screenshot 2016-04-06 16.53.55

Prepare yourself for a kid who gets a gift every time a child gets a present.
◎ For children up to elementary school students

■■■■■■■■ Event information in Naya Cafe ■■■■■■■###

April 23 (Tue) - May 8 (Sun)
Pressed flower exhibition in herbal fields in Ueno Farm vol.6

Connection between flowers and flowers
Exhibition of brilliant pressed flowers
Organizer: Tomomi Seino (pressed flower salon azure)

Screenshot 2016-04-06 17.56.42

 Pressed flower experience group ■

You can easily make a nice pressed flower frame that also serves as a gift.
(Required time: about 1 hour)
Participation fee / 1,000 per person (including material expenses)
Capacity / 10 people each day
◎ Please make a reservation in advance to Ueno Farm.
(Ueno Farm / 0166-47-8741)

Copy of rose frame

"Lovely frame made with roses"
April 30 (Sat) / 14: 00 ~

Copy of potpourri frame

"Potpour of pressed flower mini frame"
May 7 (Sat) / 14: 00 ~
May 8 (Sun) / 10: 30 ~ 


 Aromatherapy experience session ■

May 3 (Tue) and 4 (Wed)
Using natural oil (essential oil)
I will make your favorite aroma spray.
(Relax, deodorant, insect repellent effect etc.)
For beginners, I will advise on how to use essential oil safely and how to choose it.

Screenshot 2016-04-06 17.35.38

Place / Naya Cafe 2nd floor special space
Approximate time 15 minutes
Time / 10 hour - 15 hour (reservation unnecessary, up to 15 people each day)
Participation fee / 700 yen (including material expenses)
Lecture / Miki Fujii (AEAJ certified aromatherapy instructor)


 Spring! Let's paint the paint! Paint workshop ■
May 7th (Sat) 13:

"Garden frame with flowers decorated" We used guard rack
While learning paint painting tips, paint your favorite color on a cute wooden frame.

Guard rack

◎ image (flowers do not attach)

Time / 13 o'clock ~ (required time about 2 hours)
Place / Special venue in the garden (rainy weeping)
Participation fee / 800 yen (Including material expenses ◎ Garden entrance fee will be charged separately)
Capacity / 15 people required reservation
◎ Please make a reservation in advance to Ueno Farm.
(Ueno Farm / 0166-47-8741)
Cooperation / Wushin Science Industry Co., Ltd.

■■■■■ Advantageous ticket information ■■■■■

Common ticket sale of the snowy forest garden and Ueno farm!
Ueno sand Yuki planted the flower garden area "Garden of the heavy snow forest" and Ueno Farm A meritable common ticket to enjoy the two gardens has been made!
Please enjoy the garden with two different charms. (It is approximately 40 minutes by car from Ueno Farm until the garden of Daisetsu Mori)
Common ticket 1,300 yen (300 yen more than the entrance fee of 2 gardens!
* It is available for purchase in each garden.

Screenshot 2016-03-16 17.25.22


Four gardens of the Hokkaido Garden Highway will benefit greatly
Tickets will also be sold at Ueno Farm!

Convenient and affordable tickets that you can use 4 facilities from 8 facilities in the Hokkaido Garden Highway
"Hokkaido Garden Road Ticket" sold!
¥ 2200 per person
* It is available for purchase in each garden.

2016 Garden Road Ticket


Ueno Farm's Annual Passport is Great!
During the garden opening period, the annual pass which can be entered any number of times is very profitable.
After the garden closure you can drink at the NAYA café for dinner as a free service ticket
You can use it any number of times. (Only for yourself)
Annual passport / 1,000 yen
Screenshot 2016-04-06 18.03.35