Ueno Farm The autumn garden is full of charm.

The temperature difference in Asahikawa also became bigger, and the autumn leaves of the garden trees began. In the garden, autumn flowers such as Aster, Kimi Fukuga, Shumayigiku are in full bloom. The beauty unique to this period can be felt everywhere. Also, there is a fun pumpkin display only in this period in the garden, so please enjoy it with a commemorative photo! Ueno Farm 's Garden Opening will be up to 1 6 in October. Please come and visit the autumn garden.

Notice of gallery exhibition

Exhibiting happy, fun, HAPPY moments that customers shot this year in the garden of Ueno Farm

Picture of "Decorate with everyone! Wakuwaku Photo Contest"

September 2 7th to October 2 Three days to display Nayakayafagarari. Many works from all over the country this year

We gathered. Please also look at this together.

* The cafe will be open all year after the garden opening ends (After closing the garden, Monday regular holidays 11: 00 ~ 17: up to 00)

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