Ueno Farm Summer Vacation Flower Event! Pressed flower classroom held

An easy pressed flower classroom that anyone can do with familiar things!
"Pressed flower and flower coloring made with flowers of Ueno Farm"

A pressed flower lesson that everyone can make easily and easily any time using cardboard.

I use flowers of Ueno Farm specially to make pressed flowers.

After experiencing making pressed flowers, color a postcard with a pressed flower

We will produce 2 "Flower Coloring" (1 pieces completed in frame)
Even after taking it home, "Coloring card" can be enjoyed with completed pressed flowers!

A total of three pressed flower cards are completed.
Children can participate, so we recommend it for free study of summer vacation!
Entrance fee for the Ueno farm is also included, 800 yen!

How is it at a very profitable pressed flower experience party, memories of the summer?

Date / time / August 4 (Friday), 5 (Saturday), 6 (Sunday)
◎ The pressed flower classroom was closed and closed. Thank you for your reservation.
13:30 - 15:00 each afternoon

Capacity / Daily 10 name (reservation required)
Participation fee / one person 800 yen

Place / Ueno Farm Naya Cafe Gallery
Lecturer / Professor Tomomi Seino (Fushigi Hana Club Instructor)

◎ In the case of participation of only children, we ask with parents
Advance forecast to Ueno Farm for application
(0166-47-8741 reception hours 10:00 to 17:00)