Garden event! Ueno Farm's "Bundling Summer"

This is a garden event announcement. Roses are in full bloom best season!

Flower designer Sogabe Sho and Gardener Ueno sand Yuki's flower unit Non no43 (nonno 43)

I am fascinated! speak! To lift up! Popular event No. 3 bullet holding decision!

Flower designer Sokabe Sho and Gardener Ueno Sand Yuki have a gorgeous summer garden

While garden walking with the participants, we will make you excitement with flower talk!

Lastly we will demonstrate flowers blooming in the summer garden of Ueno Farm as a beautiful summer bouquet in front of us.

Bundle the beautiful "now" of the flowers blooming in the summer garden in the moment. New sensation flower performance full of live feeling! Please join us.

* In rainy we will stop the garden walk and perform a flower demonstration with a talk in the cafe.

Ueno Farm's "Bundling Summer"

Date and time on Sunday, July 8 (10 hours) 15 minutes to 11 hours 30 minutes
Location Ueno Farm inside the garden (in the case of rain in the cafe)
Participation fee 800 yen (Including garden entrance fee at Ueno Farm)
* No reservation required
* Customers wishing to participate should purchase the ticket by the time. Please wait at the cafe front square after purchase.

We also have a tour of departure from Haneda tailored to this event!

Ueno Sand Yuki and Soga Department Sho san also will hold an event at the hotel together with a flower talk and demonstration on the day before the event

It is a very special content tour. A great trip with Hokkaido's flower trip combined with special events only for this tour! If you are interested, please click here.

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"Flower journey coordinator · Mr. Funayama accompanying rose-blooming Hokkaido garden 3 days of exciting floral tasting full of longing gardens" 【Haneda departure】 7 / 7 departure…

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