【Garden of Taisetsu Forest】 It is a garden full of autumn taste.

The garden of the Taisetsu Forest became the atmosphere that the autumn leaves from the Daisetsuyama system and autumn flowers can enjoy together.
This season seems to be late for autumn in 2 weeks from the 10th day than usual, but you can enjoy the contrast of the garden flowers and autumn leaves by that much.



The guest house in the forest is particularly interesting in the change of facial expressions of trees.
Not only the colors and flowers of the leaves but also the fruit colors such as 'Mam Shigusa' which stands at the feet are spectacular.



Although the flower season is a little more, "Kariganezou" quietly blooming at the guest house is also attracted to its pretty facial expressions.

The business term of the garden in the heavy snow forest of this term is still 1 6th in October.
Business hours will be 2: 9 to 00: 17 (last admission / 00: 16) from September 00 6th.
Please enjoy the large snow forest garden which you can enjoy contrasting with the first crown snow of Daisetsuyama system from now on.

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