"Garden road walking corps" walks around the garden highway from today!

Garden road walking corps

Everyone of the "Garden Road Walking Corps" walking around the Hokkaido Garden Highway, about 200 km in length, entered Asahikawa today and stopped by Ueno Farm.
From tomorrow I'm going through Furano to Tokachi in 2 weekly stages and going around all the gardens.
Tonight, departure ceremony was held at a Japanese restaurant in Asahikawa city, it is a picture at that time.

All of us, Hokkaido Garden Highway officials, will welcome you warmly!
Thank you for your encouragement if everyone also sees the people of the "Garden Road Walking Corps".
Since it has a round logo mark number on the garden highway, you should soon see!

Profile of "Garden Road Walking Corps"
We got acquainted with "Edo Walk" which was held more than 10 years ago,
It is made up of fellows who enjoy walking long distances such as Nakasendo, Kumano ancient roads and Shikoku Pilgrims.
It was able to complete "Hokkaido 1 turn" over 3 years from 2007 to 2009 year.

Last year I learned about the Hokkaido Garden Highway in the family pictorial (June issue)
As I proposed to my colleagues,
I was able to get approval and decided to hold it.
The organization name is not decided in particular,
If necessary, I would like to keep saying "Garden road walking corps".
13 members (average age 70 years old) including members of the oldest (over 80 years old)
We will gather in Asahikawa on June 12 and break up in Obihiro on the 25th after about two weeks.
In the meantime, I plan to move by walking around the seven gardens.
(One support car is available.)

Although I thought for a moment to forgo off by the earthquake this time,
If the healthy elderly corps move, it can help you ... and,
We decided to proceed with the plan.

I would be pleased if you can support everyone.