What is the Hokkaido Garden Highway

What is the Hokkaido Garden HighwayWhat is the Hokkaido Garden Path?

A representative beautiful 8 garden in Hokkaido is concentrated, It is a highway about 250km connecting the heavy snow ~ Furano ~ Tokachi.

Both of the gardens are full of personality making full use of Hokkaido's unique climate and landscape, enjoying the natural scenery, mountains and activities, as well as a rich dietary sightseeing route.
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Hokkaido Garden Path Introduction Movie

Sell ​​convenient and affordable tickets that you can use 8 facilities from among 4 facilities

Hokkaido Garden Road Ticket <for XNUMX facilities>
Ticket usage period: XNUMXSaturday, April XNUMXJune XNUMXst (Mon) -October XNUMXth (Sun)
XNUMX yen per person (tax included)

You can enter your favorite 4 gardens from among the 8 gardens on the Hokkaido Garden Highway.
* Only the wind garden is open on July XNUMXst and will not be available during June.
Valid for one season of ticket use period.
It can not be used more than once in the same garden.
● Heavy Snow Forest Garden and Kaze no Garden are closed on October 10 and cannot be used.
● The Daisetsu Mori Garden is open for free until May XNUMX, so no ticket is required.
●Tickets will not be refunded for any reason, including the new coronavirus and natural disasters. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

One bag of "Wildflower Seeds" will be presented at the first garden for each ticket purchase! * This tour is also applicable to customers using Hokkaido Garden Road tickets!

Stamp Rally
Garden Photo Contest
Hokkaido Garden Highway 8 Garden flower history

Hokkaido Garden Path Update

Date Title Category
20209-1(fire) Garden Treasure Hunt Held from September XNUMXst to October XNUMXth! News Hokkaido Garden Path
20207-18(soil) Daisetsu Forest Garden-shuttle bus is in operation News Daisetsu Mori-no Garden
20206-29(Moon) Wind Garden opens on July 7st! We will also start selling advantageous tickets for 1 facilities. News Hokkaido Garden Path
20205-27(water) We will start selling and using the Hokkaido Garden Road Ticket <4 facilities> from June 6st. News Hokkaido Garden Path
20205-18(Moon) The business start date of Rokka no Mori has been decided. News Hokkaido Garden Path
20205-16(soil) Regarding changes in business contents of each garden due to cancellation of leave request News Hokkaido Garden Path

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